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What is Kiwipong?

Kiwipong is a sport where inches separate winners from losers. It is a sport where Excellence comes from accuracy & consistency and Greatness comes from the mental fortitude to weather the storms of distractions and smack talk. Kiwipong is a sport where legends are born one cup at a time.

Kiwipong is New Zealand’s very own – a truly epic sport. We have created a unique set of rules that we think allows for the ultimate competition.

Our goal has always been to support Kiwipong by providing epic events that are fun social and inclusive.  and a line of quality Kiwipong merchandise that will help elevate this sport to the stature it deserves. We are a 100% Kiwi Company founded in 2011. We are dedicated to making sure Kiwis have a great time. We take pride in our business and make sure that our products are the best on the market.

Our Guarantee

Kiwipong is our business and we stand behind it and everything we do. We guarantee to provide you the  best quality products and to get your purchases to you on time.

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