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Official Rules

Everyone who’s played pong before seems to have their own set of rules and Kiwipong are no different. We’ve sourced together a set of rules we feel applies to the New Zealand aspect of the game. The rules below are also the official rules for our World Series which we hold regularly giving away $10,000 to the Champs.



1.1           Cups: 20 x Official Kiwipong cups

1.2           Table: 2.4m long x 60 cm wide x 70cm tall

1.3           Balls: 2 x 40mm official Kiwipong balls


Players & Teams

2.1           Players must be over 18 years of age unless otherwise specified

2.2           A team consists of two players

2.3           A Player can only play for one team


3.1           A team can choose the liquid in their cups

3.2           Each cup is filled with 100mls of beverage

Starting Game

4.1           The starting team is determined by a rock off

Cup formations & Re-racks

4.1            At the start of the game cups must be arranged in a diamond formation

4.2            A re-rack can be called twice during a game

4.3            A re-rack can only be called at the start of a turn before any team member has made shot

4.4            The re-rack can be made in any formation

4.5            Cups should always be racked within the official triangle with cups touching each other and the base of cups completely on the table

4.6            If during the course of the game a cup is knocked no longer touching another cup it cannot be moved and must remain where it is unless it is re-racked per rule 4.2

4.7            No shots are allowed to be made until a re-rack is complete and the opposition has moved all parts of their body back behind the edge of the table


Making & Blocking Shots

5.1            Each player in a team gets one shot per turn

5.2            When making shots a player is allowed to lean over the table so long as they are unsupported, this means that players are not allowed to touch the table with any part of their body or team mate

5.3            Opposition players’ hands are to remain behind the edge of the table until the shot leaves the players hand. This is a serious offence will be treated as un-sportsman like conduct and can be dealt with in accordance with rule 14.4

5.4            If an opposition player blocks a shot before it bounces this counts as though a cup has been made. The player making the shot nominates which cup

Bounced Shots

6.1            A bounced shot counts as two cups

6.2            The opposition gets to pick which cup is the second cup

6.3            Opposition players are allowed to block bounced shots as per rule 5.3

6.4            If a ball bounces 2 or more times well done but it is treated as a normal bounced shot 

6.5             To be considered a bounced shot, the ball must bounce off the table

2 shots 2 cups

7.1            If both players in a team make separate cups, including if one or both of those shots are bounced shots, that team get both balls back, this can keep happening until one player misses a shot


2 shots 1 cup

8.1           If both players in a team make the same cup, including if one or both of those shots are bounced shots, that team get both balls back and get to nominate 2 other opposition cups as being made (i.e. 2 shots in 1 cup is the same as making 3 cups).

8.2            If one shot is a bounced shot then this means 4 cup have been made, if both shots are bounced shots 5 cups have been made, the opposition team nominate the cups


Guys Can Finger, Girls Can Blow

10.1         If a ball is thrown and is spinning around inside a cup before dropping into the beverage the opposition player can attempt to remove the ball

10.2         Guys are allowed to use their finger to try and flick the ball out

10.3         Girls are allowed to try and blow the ball out

10.4         If the removed ball has any liquid on it from the cup or if the cup falls over as a result of either of these actions the cup is considered to be made

Cup Removal

11.1         Cups cannot be removed until both opposition shots have been taken

11.2         Made cups must be removed and then placed off the table and are no longer part of the game.  


12.1         The first team to make all the opposition cups wins

12.2         There is no right of rebuttal


14.1         Dropping a ball into your own cup counts as a shot. The must remove the cup from the game. The player does not get a second shot

14.2         Knocking your own cup over means you remove that cup from the game

14.3         If a player knocks the table and knocks more than 3 cups over their team loses automatically. If less than 3 cups are knocked over the offending team must remove the number of cups from there rack, whilst the other Team replaces there cups.

14.4      Unsportsmanlike conduct can result in expulsion from the tournament


15.1         Distractions are allowed as long as no part of a player crosses the edge of the table before the other team throws. See rule 5.3


16.1         A referee’s decision is final

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